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Information on the use of Cookies

What are cookies and what they do
A cookie is a text file sent by the website and stored by your browser .
Cookies allow you to get information about the navigation of the site as a visitor statistics .
Cookies are used to facilitate navigation on the site and to improve its usefulness in your favor.

What cookies using this website uses these types of cookies :
• strictly Necessary cookies ( cookies are strictly necessary ) ;
• Performance cookies ( cookies performance ) ;
• functionality cookies ( cookies ) interfaces;
• third-party cookies ( cookies of third parties ) ;

Strictly Necessary cookies ( cookies are strictly necessary )

Cookies are strictly necessary are stored only by registered users to the site to check the status of the profile (Example : User logged in) and its settings .
These cookies are not stored by our website .

Performance cookies ( cookies performance )

This website uses Google Analytics service , provided by Google Inc. aims to collect statistical information about the site .
Cookies performance of this site only for analytical purposes to collect and analyze information on the visibility of the site .
Being cookies linked to an external service to this site , please read more information on the relevant page of the service provider Google Analytics Privacy .

Functionality cookies ( cookies functional )

Users who write a comment where the site allows, store cookies ( comment_author , comment_author_email ) to facilitate the insertion of additional comments without having to re-enter your user name and e-mail .

Third - party cookies ( third-party cookies )

This website uses the AddThis service , provided by purpose of expressing preferences in social networks and share the contents of the site .
Since the third-party cookies linked to an external service to this site , please read more information on the relevant page of the service provider AddThis Policy .

The types of cookies listed may last a few minutes or more than a year ( persistent cookies ) .
Cookies can be deleted or blocked by your browser settings , as is explained later .

Cookie profiling

This website does not use cookies profiling owners or cookies designed to send advertisements according to navigation and preferences expressed by the user.

Block or delete cookies

You can block or delete cookies?
If you wish, you can delete the cookies stored in your browser, or even block the automatic delivery.
You need to block cookies?
It is not necessary to block them. Blocking certain cookies may affect some features of the site and consequently its use.
How to delete cookies
Below we listed the major browsers used and links to related pages with the necessary information on the management of cookies:

Mozilla Firefox:

Internet Explorer:

Google Chrome: